Pre Order: 75 Stretch Meals for the Busy Home

Pre Order: 75 Stretch Meals for the Busy Home

This ebook was created for the busy family that need to stretch their dollars, save their time, and cherish their energy! 75 Stretch Meals for the Busy Home includes sides and desserts, plus a few of Chef TreJ's favorite hacks in the kitchen!  As a special treat for preordering your book you will receive the Eventbrite and code for a free Stretch Meal Cooking Class for August 15th at 11am CST!  This class is perfect to come with your family at the dinner, learn a few ways Chef does her recipes, take notes, and ask questions!  


The ebook will drop on the most important day of the year for daughter's birthday! She will be 20 years old and it is the only holiday in the year for me! This is special. I remember having to create meals with a little to make abundance and now that we are in the pivot of our lives I want to help relieve that stress off of you! So go ahead and preorder your book and at 12:14am (she was born at 12:14pm...but I won't make you wait that long!) I will deliver your ebook straight to you! 


Just so you know, 10% of the ebook sales are going to a homeless shelter. We are also feeding the homeless on Kyra's birthday at 11am.  This is near and dear to our hearts because we remember when... 

Again, thank you for being a part of our journey and I look forward to being at your dining room table!!!

Love Chef TreJ